Taste Constantia

Sorry, Constantia Food and Wine Festival

So sorry…

That we attended the Checkers Cheese Festival before your own….

That we had to make comparisons between the two – we tried hard not to

That we walked in with Great Expectations and paid a stupendous amount to fulfill said expectations

That we had to traipse through a damp marquee in search of some food and wine only to find everything on offer very hard to come by That we gave up with each attempt

 That we eventually left the marquee hoping to find other forms of sustenance and entertainment on your Cricket Oval, and found nothing much.

But thanks…

For two free wine glasses that sadly went unused

For a free issue of an outdated Pick n Pay magazine

For a lovely walk through the vineyards, if one ignores the dust stirred up by 4x4s giving the less adventurous of spirit rides to the Cricket Oval

And so…

Checkers and everyone else involved with the excellent planning of your most generous, big-hearted Cheese Festival….Take a Bow.

Constantia – at some point, you will have to realize that sometimes it isn’t always only about location……….