Out in the traffic

I am still stuck on Mother’s Day, strangely enough.

It rolled along at a moderate pace – like mothers – full of wisdom and full of care and quiet concern.

Out in the traffic, even the pace of the cars seem to have a snoozy whoozy feel.

It was a feminine day.  The way people refer to ships as She and motorbikes as He – this Mother’s day had a distinct She feel to it.

Languid,soft and just a little Lazy…

I was dreading the soppy sentimental Mother of Mine songs I thought local stations like KFM would belt out but somehow that didn’t bother me at all.

Was it the balmy weather?

I don’t know.

All I know is that the lunch cum high tea with some soothing Jazz sounds in the background laid on by the Fire & Ice Hotel did nothing to spoil the mood.

What a laid-back, mellow experience at this unpretentious, quirky establishment.  Find your way there sometime – well worth it, if only for one of those divine milk shakes.

And remember to do a real Mother’s Day – not one marked by a fake red rose and a guilty hug and a see-you-when-I-see-you attitude because you have to get on with your life.

No, do real things and show real love.  She’s your mother.