Born – live – die tomorrow


Just read a non-essential tit-bit that a Dragon Fly has a life span of 24 hours.

Shame – poor little critter.

Born – live – die tomorrow.

But does he even know that.

In his little brain, does 24 hours equate to 100 human years maybe.

So out he comes, sniffs around for a milli-second, hops for a bit over the swamp.  Wow! he spots an edible whatever, gobbles, digests, plonks it out all in like seconds.

Blinks and that’s his night time sleep – done.

Shakes himself loose – gym done.

Checks out some more fodder – whoosh – gone – digested – meal time over.

And so the little guy goes on.

And he has 24 hours to repeat this over and over and in between he finds a wife, fathers like a hundred others like him.

You get the picture.

24 hours ain’t that bad after all.

In fact, at that pace, I would want my life to end, like quickly.

Just a thought…….