Funeral for a Friend  – History

Blindside – All Of Us

The Used – Blue And Yellow

Dogs… Love…. Food

Newtown Knife Gang – Listen

Shadowclub performing the single War Is Over

Looooooooooove this band TOO much

Flight of the Conchords band meeting.

See how the pros get it done! Get an inside look at an exclusive

Woodstock Mafia

– “Electric Light” Video Launch Teaser


An animated sing along video created by The Oatmeal and Sarah Donner. More Oatmeal: More of Sarah’s music:

Braai Day

In preparation for South Africa’s National Braai Day, held 24 September every year, comedy duo ‘Derick Watts and the Sunday Blues’ recorded and shot a music video to parody the viral sensation that was Rebecca Black’s “Friday”

Beats Antique

Video of Sidecar Tommy, David Satori and Zoe Jakes performing at Lightning in a Bottle and TempleSF 2008.

The Car Guard Song

Derick Watts & The Sunday Blues are back with another typically South African-themed parody video. The “Braaiday” creators turn their attention to car guards, and give you a glimpse into a previously unseen world – one where anything can happen whilst you are away from your beloved vehicle.

Paramore: That’s What You Get